EXPERIENCE THE NEW ORTHOPEDIC LINE WITH SUPPORT AT EVERY LEVEL. With CEP's new compressive ortho products, your joints, muscles, and tendons will benefit with the added support and security needed for every level of injury. Choose between three support levels with different compression strengths: LIGHT, MID and MAX.

Depending on your support needs, our products will provide you with the perfect amount of targeted support to encourage healing by promoting circulation and increasing blood flow. Our sleeves are exceptionally durable, yet breathable, thanks to high-quality materials and innovative technology.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Pain-free movement
  • Non-slip design
  • Optimal stability catered to your individual needs
  • Skin-tight fit with maximum freedom of movement and perfect support in all sizes
  • High-quality, breathable fibers and seamless processing for pleasant wearing comfort
  • Lateral support for quick movements and turns
  • Anatomical designs that move with your body's natural curves
  • Special massaging zones to reduce scar tissue


Our highest level of support for recovery and stabilization. Enjoy maximum support thanks to silicone inserts and integrated bracing elements that stabilize joints, push fluid out to reduce swelling and promote recovery, and reinforce collateral ligaments to relieve stress.

For more serious, acute, or recurring injuries.


Our best all-around support level to keep you healthy and active. These supports offer a perfect balance of stability, relief, and wearing comfort thanks to our tried-and-true compression profiles, premium materials, and innovative technologies.

For weakened joints as a result of old injuries, overuse or overall pain, inflammation, and discomfort.


Our most flexible and lightweight support level. This sleeve acts as a second skin to increase proprioception and provide minimal support with maximal freedom - Great for everyday use!

For minor and mild injuries or pain.